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Supercharge your bone support! Calcium, Vitamin D and Magnesium are three important nutrients to keep you standing strong. DID YOU KNOW? • 99% of the calcium in your body is stored in your bones and teeth. Take 1-2 tablets daily with a meal. 12 years & above Wellosophy Calcium, Vitamin D & Magnesium Quality nutritional supplement with high dosage of calcium, vitamin D and magnesium that work in synergy to support healthy bones and teeth. Created in Sweden, suitable for vegetarians. Contains 60 tablets. To supplement a healthy diet, take 1-2 tablets daily with food. 84 grams. 41119 `799 • 11 B.P. 200 • Combining calcium and vitamin D has been shown to reduce bone loss and the risk of fractures. • Our bodies contain more calcium than any other mineral, but as the body doesn’t produce calcium, you need to consume it.

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