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Skin Care & Personal Care FEEL THE LIFT THAT TARGETS SKIN ELASTICITY With collagen-boosting multi-peptides for instant lifting and firming action 0.5% Multi-peptide solution 4% Tensor Mesh Active Peptide Ampoules contain multi-peptide solution extracted from nicotiana sylvestris plants and sugar-based tensor mesh active derived from oats. They come in 7 separate encapsulations to be used over 7 days which maintains the sensitivity of the actives. HOW TO USE • Usage: use one ampoule daily, half in AM, half in PM. • Take out the ampoule, ampoule opener, plastic dropper, and small cap. • Place the ampoule opener on the ampoule, gently press from the top to open the ampoule (you should hear a click). • Insert the ampoule halfway down into the plastic dropper. • Gently shake and squeeze the dropper below the line to dispense the serum (do not squeeze the ampule). Apply half the ampule to the face and neck, massage until it absorbs. • Cap the unfinished ampoule and store it in a cool place and away from the light. Use within 24 hours of opening. NovAge ProCeuticals Instant Peptide Ampoules One-week course, 7 ampules x 1,8 ml. 40880 ` 2999 • 42 B.P. 7-day intensive regimen (open a fresh bottle every day) 49

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