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12 34 56 Face Cleanser Men’s skin tends to be oilier than women, causing frequent chances of spots, blemishes and enlarged pores. So, this goes without saying that cleansing twice a day is a quintessential part of your skincare to wash off the oil build-up, dirt and pollutants. 43930* Roll-On Deodorant A must-have for daily use is a long-lasting roll-on deodorant that delivers active ingredients onto the skin, dries quickly, leaves no white marks and makes you feel fresh all day. 42524*, 35880*, 43927* Fragrance A fragrance not only keeps bad odour at bay but also reflects your personality & mood. You must wear an EDP that is both enticing and sensual, and that brings out your true masculine charm. Try layering your EDP over the same fragranced Roll-on Deodorant for a longlasting effect.33654* *Product Codes Sunscreen Guys, you might think that you are tough, but your skin isn’t tough enough to tackle the harmful UV rays. You must apply sunscreen every day, no matter the season, temperature or the colour of your skin, even when you are indoors. 35760* Hair Gel Not just a great styling product, but an enriching and protecting hair gel also keeps your hair healthy and well-groomed for the day. 34920* Night Cream Nighttime moisturisation is as much important for men as for women, ‘coz it’s the best time to regenerate and repair your skin. Applying a high-performance face cream/gel overnight, that’s rich in antioxidants, helps to fight signs of ageing and makes skin more supple & energised. 33201* 61

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