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Skin & Personal Care MAKES HAIR AT LEAST 6X EASIER TO COMB∆1 ∆1 Instrumental testing, versus untreated hair Light Creme Conditioner “My hair looks and feels amazing! Would definitely recommend to anyone with damaged hair” AT LEAST 6X BETTER HAIR CONDITION FOR STRONGER, MORE RESILIENT HAIR ∆1 Instrumental testing, versus untreated hair Rich Creme Conditioner ∆1 HOW THICK IS YOUR HAIR? Fine (or thin) Medium Opt for weightless hydration  Light Creme Conditioner Thick BEFORE BEFORE AFTER AFTER Say hello to creamy nourishment  Rich Creme Conditioner  DUOLOGI Light Creme Conditioner Lightweight conditioner protects, nourishes and repairs thin hair fibres, without weighing them down. Silk Protein and Pro-Vitamin B5 help to smooth hair and make detangling easier, without compromising on volume. 150 ml.  DUOLOGI Rich Creme Conditioner Deeply nourishing conditioner to protect and repair hair fibres, leaving medium to thick hair soft and smooth with less frizz. Reduces hair breakage and helps prevent future split ends, with Keratin and Mango Butter. 150 ml. 44961 `699 • 10 B.P. 44960 `699 • 10 B.P. 97

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