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Wellosophy NutriMeals are designed by our nutritionists for your success!* They provide a healthy, satisfying, calorie-controlled alternative to a regular main meal – high in protein, with dietary fibre, healthy fat, and vitamins and minerals. And they’re so easy to make – just mix with milk** for a nutritionally complete meal in minutes! WELLOSOPHY Weight loss is a journey, not a destination. Gluten free and vegetarian recipe, non-GMO NutriMeal Chocolate Flavour 25g per serving. 15 servings. 375g. 42736 `1999 • 28 B.P. * Substituting one daily main meal of an energy restricted diet with a NutriMeal contributes to the maintenance of weight after weight loss. ** Cow’s milk or soy beverage - other plant-based, non-dairy milks/ beverages are nutritionally inadequate (e.g., lower protein content). 71

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