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Comprehensive Care for Intimate Hygiene & Wellbeing Introducing Personal Hygiene Set, designed while keeping women’s health & wellbeing in mind. This set offers a comprehensive solution to your feminine, intimate needs while ensuring complete protection. NATURAL SWEDISH EXTRACTS LACTIC ACID & PREBIOTIC INFUSION FRESH SCENT TECHNOLOGY With all 3 components working together in harmony, Feminelle delivers a pH balanced & protected microbiome and freshly scented intimate area with lasting comfort. 74 Menstruation causes a significant loss of blood from a woman’s body that can lead to iron deficiency. Your body uses Iron, in conjunction with Vitamin C, B6, B12 & Folic Acid, to make red blood cells and hemoglobin. HIGH IN • • • • • Iron Vitamin C Vitamin B6 Vitamin B12 Folic acid (B9) Stay comfortably fresh with 100% leak-proof absorption and enjoy healthy feminine hygiene all day. Special Gel Technology converts fluid into gel for super absorption. Anion Chip prevents bacterial and fungal infections. Cottony Soft Surface providesrash-free protection and comfort.

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